I’m very thankful for all the recognition I receive through my work. The feedback and  comments I receive for all my posts all have a special place in my heart. Thank you for reading, liking and sharing my work!

Attached below are some of my favourite comments! 🙂



”Well written, Dhruv . At first glance , one would think that this was written by an adult as there is so much of perception and maturity in the writing . A beautiful way of putting through a message of acceptance.. one that is needed in this age of competition and stress .As you rightly said it is a beginning . I wish that you too find your calling and be happy in whatever you do ..”

-Post: So, What’s Next?

“Well Said……we surely need to break societal stereotypes and deep-rooted beliefs and let people stop deciding on whats good for one’s own future..!!”

-Post: So, What’s Next?
“Dhruv! Your stories really inspire me. They are full of moral values and this one , especially, highlights one of the main problems of this time- no interconnection with our loved ones.. We should really try our very best to make some time for our families. Keep it up, and all the best.”

-Post: My reflections on Human Relations and Mortality.

“It may be difficult to achieve fame right now but Dhruv believe your seeds of writings will turn fruits some day..be patient…be calm and keep inspiring us with your writings…”

-Post: The Importance Of a Positive Outlook.
“Wow…… It’s so inspiring and touching with so much emotion that I’m left speechless. It’s a different take from your usual work though….”

-Post: Bounty of Happiness.