Book Reviews!


Here’s my take on all the books I read. Honest reviews, from an aspiring author!

1)Death On the Nile:

Number of pages: 288


My board exams recently concluded, and nothing pleased me more than the thought of getting back to reading books. My love for reading dates back to my halcyon days- words have never ceased to lure me into magical places, introducing me to strange people, and helping me live my wildest fantasies. I seized this opportunity to read another book- one that I have been patiently waiting to read, for a while: ‘Death on the Nile’, written by the eminent crime and mystery novelist, Agatha Christie.

About the author: Agatha Christie was an English crime novelist, short story writer and playwright. Throughout her career, she has written over one hundred short stories, plays and novels. Her books are outsold only by The Bible and Shakespeare’s works. Her play ‘The Mousetrap’ is the longest running and most successful play, in London. The character she introduced- Hercule Poirot is an international favourite, and is loved by both the young and the old. She is a master storyteller, who highlights each character, and keeps the reader bound and guessing till the very end.

Synopsis: The book opens with a scenic view of Central Africa- a cruise through the country. We are introduced to the main characters of the book- Jacqueline de Bellefort, the young and beautiful socialite- Linnet Ridgeway, and Simon Doyle; a young, charismatic man. Soon, the tranquility of the seemingly-peaceful cruise is ruined by an unexpected murder. Linnet Ridgeway is found murdered, in her cabin- with a visible gunshot in her head. In a mysterious turn of events, new plot-twists and secrets are unravelled, and disturbing facts come to the surface. This is a perfect book for those who seek thrills, crave mystery and amazement, and long for a wholesome adventure, on board the ‘Karnak’.

Detailed review: Linnet Ridgeway, a young and beautiful socialite had everything she could wish for- a huge inheritance, loads of wealth, and an influential position in society- everything but love. Soon, she falls head over heels for Simon, a young man, who was to be engaged to her best-friend, Jacqueline. She feels betrayed, and conspires against Linnet. Meanwhile, Linnet and Simon embark on a cruise through the cerulean waters of the Nile- to the Cataract. They happen to meet Hercule Poirot on their journey. Hercule Poirot is a short, influential Belgian detective, with an innate, ingenious knack for cracking the most complicated mysteries. In a bizarre turn of events, Linnet is found murdered in her cabin: she took a bullet to the head. As disaster hits the cruise, the panic- stricken travellers consult Hercule Poirot, who then resolved to get to the base of the case, and dispense justice. As time progresses, new facts come to light, and shocking revelations shake them all. Hercule Poirot carefully interrogates each person on the ship- just like a true detective, everyone is a suspect, in his opinion. Amidst panic and chaos, he manages to unravel the jealousy between Jacqueline and Linnet, and uncovers the conspiracy made by Simon and Jacqueline. As Linnet’s body is carried off the ship at the end of the cruise, Simon and Jacqueline are in the process of being handed over to the authorities. Meanwhile, they shoot each other, and their bodies crumple down, on the gangway. Thus, the befitting title ‘Death on the Nile’ is brought through.

Rating: 4-and-a-half-stars-with-thick-outline-hi.png