YOU are enough.


We’re always seeking approvals for our actions, often needing validation to reaffirm our faith in ourselves. In every waking moment, we’re worrying about the impact our actions might have on others. Well, this month, I’d like to share a special message with you all. It’s about loving yourself, and knowing your worth. YOU are enough. YOU are all that you will ever need. 🙂

This article comes from a place of deep understanding. I am not struggling hard to be relatable- I’ve been through this vicious cycle of approvals and actions. I’ve often dumped my plans to make room for those of the people who disregarded mine. I’ve let go of opportunities, I’ve refused to board ships that would take me to strange and exciting places, and I have eliminated the possibility of adventures and new experiences tingling my senses, and urging me to let go, and live again. I’m bound by these chains of doubt. I’ve refused to love myself because someone else said so. I’ve refused to chase my dreams, because someone jeered at them. I’ve torn short stories, because someone told me that they would never be good enough to be published. I’ve done all of the above, at different points in my life.

You are strong, wonderful, loved and YOU are everything that you need. You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t care for you. YOU need to realise your worth, before someone else decides it for you. 🙂

You hold your universe in the palm of your hand- it’s that simple. You govern everything that goes on in your life, you control your actions, you’re equipped with the power to make decisions, and you are a better judge than anyone who tells you otherwise.


Massive shoutout to @broken_isnt_bad. She’s an amazing, immensely talented artist! Follow her on Instagram. 😀




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