Don’t let Temporary Defeat make you Quit.

On the road to success, you will have to face defeat. This defeat is only temporary- however, most people cannot cope with the feeling of remorse that comes along with temporary defeat, and give up. Think of it this way- a tiny raft will never make it to the shore, if it refuses to win over the choppy waters of the ocean. It will sink! Never give up, even when all hope is lost. You’re closest to the finish line,in that very moment. A marathon runner needs to give his final dash towards the end, just when he is a few metres from the finish line. Similarly, put on your bravest face right when adversity strikes. Fuel your dreams, because you might be just metres away from the finish line- procuring your goal.

Some important things to note:

-Your dreams and goals are your own. Don’t let anyone tell you that any dream is too big or any goal is too hard to achieve. If you’ve dreamt it, you can do it.

-If your desire to achieve is strong enough, temporary defeat will not sidetrack you from your purpose.

-When life knocks you down, get back up. 🙂 Just getting back up on your feet gets you brownie points. I’m not kidding!

Persistence and faith are important to help translate your dreams into reality, and preventing defeat from getting to you.

If I’m persistent, I will chase my goals whenever I see them running away from me. The reason I am chasing my goals is because I have faith in myself- I’m sure, that if I try hard enough, I’ll get to them.

On December 9, 1914, Thomas Edison watched his factory burn down to the ground, in West Orange, New Jersey. That was probably one of the biggest setbacks he had faced in his entire career- he watched years of hard-work, priceless research papers and experiments crumble right before his eyes. He used this setback to his benefit. Although he was 67 years old, he remarked that he would get back to working the next day. He rebuilt his factory, worked harder than ever, and went on to make a huge profit, over the course of the next four years. He didn’t lock himself up in a room, and mope over his loss. He got to building the factory from scratch, and that set him apart from any other man who had faced failures and setbacks. He looked beyond his temporary defeat, and used it as a stepping stone to a bigger, greater, better reality.

Successful people use challenges to their benefit. Being defeated is a temporary condition, dropping everything and giving up makes it necessarily permanent. If you are determined to make an impact, just believe in yourself, and keep going. Follow the light at the end of the dark tunnel. 🙂

On a parting note, here’s a dose of #MondayMotivation from me!

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Have a splendid week! I hope your week abounds in joy, peace and success. Looking forward to connecting with you.

-Dhruv. 🙂


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