An Ode to My Father. :)

My father is my first superhero. With every passing day, I try to emulate his qualities, and be a little more like him.

Dear Dad,

Thank you for loving us unconditionally, and teaching us to live with no regrets. We often fail at things, and fall, too afraid to get back up on our feet. Thank you for making us realise the value of courage, and what it means to face our fears headstrong. Thank you for pushing me to try new things, to venture in unchartered territories, and step out of my comfort zone, because all of these have played a major role in making me who I am, today.

You serve as an example of greatness to us, and we aspire to be a little more like you each day. Being a father is hard. Endless responsibilities to fulfil, countless hopes and dreams to live up to, and a million promises make. The road is not a smooth one, filled with its own ups- and downs, and dangerous curves. You are a role model, a guide and a motivator, challenging us to be better people each day. Despite everything you have worked hard to achieve, you serve as a leading example of humility, kindness and strength. Thanks for teaching me that no matter where I get in life, my feet should always be planted firmly on the ground. 🙂

Thank you for fulfilling our dreams, and contributing to our larger goals and purpose. Nothing I’ve achieved today would be possible without you backing me, encouraging me to go on, even if the idea of success seemed distant and bleak.

What I’ve learnt from you, are the values of trust, honesty, generosity and courage. I know I will never be a better father than you, and thank you for that. 🙂 You are irreplaceable, and life without you is unfathomable.

I’m sorry for all the times we’ve made you upset, and thank you for handling each such situation with so much care. Children aspire to be a reflection of their parents. Thanks for setting the bar so high, encouraging me to test my limits to get there.

To the best father in the world, a go-getter, a winner, a role-model, a superhero- all amalgamated into one person, Happy Father’s Day.


Dhruv. 🙂


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