The Importance of a Positive Outlook!

We often underestimate the power of optimism and pessimism. Your thoughts govern your tomorrow! Hope you like the story! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Have a great day 🙂



The cold wind made the thin branches shiver, and the last leaf on the old tree gently floated downwards, and found a corner on the ground. It could slowly feel itself growing weaker. It began to shrivel up, and lose it’s bright green colour. Or was it just imagining things?

The leaf stared up at the oak, with bloodshot eyes. They shone with passion, deep hatred and a desire for revenge.

‘Why did you give up on me so easily?’, it questioned.

The oak turned it’s eyes towards the powerless leaf on the ground, which struggled to gain a hold onto the ground, and not let the chilly wind blow it away to strange, mysterious lands.

‘You gave up on yourself- you didn’t want to live through the winter.’

The leaf supressed a desire to belt out insensitive words. It looked back at the last few weeks of its life, carefully analysing each moment- the weeks before the chilly North wind shook the trees and weak leaves found new homes on the ground.

The sunlight filtered through the clouds, falling in patches on the ground.

The clouds lazily floated across the sky.
The trees stared up at the sky. The clouds resembled bales of cotton. A soft breeze blew through their branches. Winter would be here in a month.

The leaves grumbled. They hated the winter! It would freeze the water in their veins, and make them weak. They would begin to lose their colour, and eventually die.

It was as if they knew they were going to die. On the outside, they grumbled and couldn’t understand why they had to go through all this. On the inside, they knew that their end was near, and that each one of them would eventually be lying on the cold, hard ground.

The oak tree let out a sigh. Wrinkles crept into its bark, and it began to pity its leaves. Were they always so pessimistic? No!

He remembered how they danced to the soft current of the summer breeze, after the essence of Spring had faded away. They were so busy enjoying their highs, that they looked past their lows. It seemed as though they were too scared to pay attention to anything that did not involve them being happy.

“If you live through the winter, you can enjoy the fruits of Spring!”, said the old oak.

The leaves stared at him as though he had uttered something unspeakable- a strict taboo.

The oak frowned.

Their brainless banter went on for several weeks. Day after day, the oak grew sicker and sicker of hearing the same old phrases:

‘We won’t live through the winter,’
‘We’re all going to fall to the ground soon,’
‘Let’s begin to loosen our hold on the world.’

He reached a point where he readily wished that the leaves would be gone.

At last, Winter came.
It lay its icy fingers on everything that crossed its path.
Everything around the tree was either grey or white- the snow choked rivers, the thin layer of snow on the treetops, the layer of ice on the ponds and several small pools of water.

Chilly winds swept by, and one after the other, the leaves glided downwards, and found a spot on the ground.

The leaf broke free from the memories of its past, and opened it’s eyes.
It looked around- several other leaves lay beside it.

It wondered- had its pessimism moulded its fate?

It stared up at the tree- longing to find a warmer spot on the branch, craving water.

It’s pessimism had changed its life completely, and these changes were permanent. They couldn’t be undone.

It began to lose its colour- from a dark green shade to a lighter shade of green, yellow and then brown.

It met its end exactly the way it thought it would.

In life, we make several choices, that go on to govern our fate. Remember: the choices and decisions we make today will shape our tomorrow. If we make the right choices today, we will witness miracles tomorrow.

Positive thinking plays a huge part in all our lives. It is very rightly said- something will happen to you only if YOU allow it to. If you allow negativities and negative people to sidetrack you from achieving your greater goals, then you’ll have to pay the price for it.
Expectations and the thoughts- both positive and negative make a major impact in our daily lives.

Everyone wants to wake up to a perfect day- bright, sunny and productive. But remember- only you can make your day the way you’d like it to be. A positive outlook can make even a bleak, dreary day seem interesting.

My piece of advice is- don’t allow unimportant things to drag you down. If you allow such things to influence you, you’re just missing out on life’s bigger picture!!

You’re worth something today, but your thinking can change your worth- for the better.

Also, your negativity can also influence the people around you. Don’t be a dark cloud on someone’s sunny town. If you lose hope in yourself, how can you ever expect someone else to have an unswerving belief in you?

I hope you found something valuable to take away from this example. Be positive, and see the change YOURSELF! Here’s hoping nothing but the best, for you!

Have a great weekend!!
-Dhruv. image


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Sanjay Gupta says:

    Dear Dhruv-Well Done!! This is truly a masterpiece article and really brings out the importance of one’s thought process and attitude towards the multiple challenges and our life journey in general and the gist brought out so wonderfully by you through the eyes of the leaves and the Oak Tree…


  2. Inspiring message! I also saw subtle references to The last leaf of our school text book! 😋.
    Great Work!


    1. ritewordblog says:

      Haha😂 Thank youuu!


  3. Janya Baid says:

    GG strikes again- great Gupta! Keep it up:)


  4. kshitij mehta says:

    It may be difficult to achieve fame right now but Dhruv believe your seeds of writings will turn fruits some patient…be calm and keep inspiring us with your writings…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ritewordblog says:

      Thank you so so much!! Really appreciate it 🙂


  5. Vaidehi kamdar says:

    that was amazing Dhruv !


  6. Priya Ganesan says:

    Great work. Kudos !!! Truly thought provoking. The best part is it’s applicable to each person in this world at every stage of life. The analogy, choice of words are very apt . Wonderful. Another Chetan Bhagat in the making????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ritewordblog says:

      Thank you so much!!😀


  7. Daksh Gupta says:

    Dear Dhruv ,
    Being your brother I would always encourage you to do what’s best for you. And writing definitely is. You are a born writer, writing stories beautiful enough to shape the world a little better in your own small way☺keep it up!


    1. ritewordblog says:

      Dear Daksh,
      Thank you!!! Thanks for being there always and making a difference in the story of my life. You’re the best!

      Loads of love,


  8. Anita says:

    Dhruv beta very inspiring keep it up and hope u will keep writing and will definitely get great success and appreciation in writing also.God Bless u

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ritewordblog says:

      Thank you so much! 😀


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