Pots On The Same Shelf.

‘We’re one step closer to perfection, if we embrace our flaws.’ Through this story, I’ve tried explaining how each individual is so different from others. Instead of critically analysing someone and intentionally looking for flaws in them, we must always try to look for something good in them. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚


The slant rays of the sun illuminated the small town. Another day had begun, and the residents of the town were out of their homes, on their way to work. The old potter stepped out of his house. He used the his hand to shield his face from the sun, and shut the door behind him. He started walking to his small workshop. His feet were distinctly heard on the cobblestoned street. After walking for 20 minutes, he turned right, walked for about 2 minutes, and stopped before a small workshop. Apple and Pomegranate trees grew on both sides of the workshop, and geraniums grew at their base. Chris took the key out of the pocket of his trousers, and opened the lock. He stepped inside, and immediately got to work.

Summer was approaching. The shrubs lining the sidewalks were withering, and the leaves on the trees were wilting, due to the intense heat. The people of he town would need pots, to carry water around. He knew that the process of making pots had to be sped up, because the demand for his pots would increase, in the next few weeks. He started rotating his wheel, and dipped his fingertips into the bowl of water, kept close to him. He picked up a mound of earth, and his skilful fingers began to work on it. He carefully worked on the sides- a little curve here, a little curve there. He continued to make pots, till it was time for lunch. He made each pot different from the other. No two pots on the shelves of his workshop were identical. At noon, he stepped out of the workshop. He went back home for lunch.

No sooner did he step outside, than all the pots on the shelf came to life. There were a few moments of commotion, as the old pots confronted the newer ones. They subjected each other to critical glances, and shot snide remarks at each other. Careful to highlight their flaws, and bring their own specialities to light. A group of old pots laughed at a pot with a really long neck, while others mocked at a bright yellow pot. Everyone seemed to cover their own insecurities by belting out harsh words. All this went on for a while, until the oldest pot decided, that it was time to take charge. Something had to be done, to ease the tension.

‘Silence!’ He yelled.

All the pots stopped talking, and stared Edmund the oldest pot. They greatly respected him, and seemed his help to solve their conflicts. They always valued his feedback and suggestions, and he had continued to provide justice for many years now.

‘It deeply saddens me, to see how you all are criticising each other, based on physical appearances,’ he said gravely. ‘Our physical attributes do not reflect what lies within.’

The other pots huddled around him, eager to listen to what he had to say.

‘A mirror only shows you what lies on the outside. Is there a mirror that shows you what lies on the inside? Maybe that’s why we make mistakes judging people. We tend to judge people based on how they look- their colour, their physical appearances. You cannot judge a pot by its colour or its shape. Maybe the prettiest pot may shatter into a million tiny pieces, if it falls to the ground. A pot that everyone calls ‘ugly’ may endure the pain, and other tests posed to it. Character, Goodness and Sincerity cannot be judged by simply looking at someone.’

The pots looked at each other. Till the last few minutes, they were scrutinising each other, looking for flaws. Some flaws were visible, but could be ignored. The others were flaws that could be found, if you tried hard to look for them. Why should you even try to look for flaws in people? You’re just missing out on the good stuff.

The old pot coughed, trying to bring the pots back to reality, out of the trance they seemed to be lost in. He looked around, eyeing the pots with a sense of warmth and love. He pointed to one of the newer pots, and said ‘You look amazing. No matter what anyone else has to say about you. If your neck is longer than the others, it won’t reduce your goodness or worth.’

The pot being spoken to weakly smiled. He had realised, that he had to accept himself, for who he was. ‘Remember’, said the old pot. ‘Embracing your flaws is the first step to loving yourself. Only if you embrace your own flaws, will you embrace the flaws in others, and love them for who they are.’

‘You cannot spend your entire life hating yourself, just because someone told you to hate yourself because you’re not pretty enough.’

Similarly, people are going to put you down all the time. Tell you that you’re not worth having the things you want the most. Just like a basket full of crabs. If one crab tries to escape, the others will try to pull it down. People are going to put you down, and act like its their JOB.

‘What really matters lies on the inside,’ smiled the Old pot.

The pots were embarrassed, at their petty behaviour. They looked at each other and smiled. Maybe they should have realised this a long time ago.

They thanked the Old pot unanimously. None of the pots was perfect. All of them had flaws they had being trying so hard to conceal.

All the pots came together in a huddle. Red pots, pots with large,round beads, pots with long necks, pots with short necks, old pots, new pots. They were so different, yet so alike. They all had learned to accept not only each other, but also themselves. They were all pots of the same shelf.

Edmund watched from a distance. He beamed. He had resolved another conflict, taught them yet another lesson. Maybe accepting our flaws and moving on brings us a step closer to perfect πŸ™‚

Edmund cleared his throat after a while, to get their attention. He smiled, and then said:

‘Chris will be back soon. Let’s get back in line’.

The pots got back in line, and beamed at each other. Each pot was trying to look for something in another- something good. They huddled together, and stood united.

When Chris got back, he noticed that they were closer together than he had placed them, about two hours ago. He shrugged his shoulders, and went on with his work.

In the shelf above him, the pots were impatiently waiting for another ‘beautiful’ addition, to their family.





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  1. Harshita says:

    This is so inspiring and meaningfulπŸ’•


    1. ritewordblog says:

      Aww thank you, Harshita! Thanks for your feedback for the other two posts as well!! 😊


  2. Priyash says:

    Truely thankfull for making this much meaning full in deep lines presenting a pot and the hole theme really to be appreciated for this imagination skills and inspiring words (:


  3. Srikanth says:

    Truly inspiring. ☺
    It’s also amazing how you’re able to grab the attention of the reader!


    1. ritewordblog says:

      Thanks! I appreciate the feedback πŸ™‚


  4. Anita says:

    Amazing,keep it up Dhruv

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Purnima shettigar behl says:

    Nicely expressed the true meaning of beauty. Keep the thought flowing with your sculpting thought process.


    1. ritewordblog says:

      Thanks!! πŸ™‚


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