‘Bounty Of Happiness’

What goes around, comes around. As humans, we must empower and support each other, always. Our good deeds will eventually pay off.


The electric buzz of the streetlights could be heard distinctly. The New York skyline glowed like a million tiny stars, with the tea-wash coloured rays of the sun as a background. Beyond the tall metal and glass spires of New York was the lesser known locality. Looking out of a tinted glass window, seventeen year old Alfie Scarcemouth covered her mouth, to prevent the scream inside her from escaping, Tears trickled down her pale cheeks. She walked to the dressing table, and saw her reflection, in the mirror. Her tired, puffy eyes were a testimony of all that she’d been through. The cloud of sadness loomed over her world, and she thought that she would never make it out alive.

She stood at the edge of the valley of depression, with various dark and dangerous thoughts clouding her childish brain. She had almost given up on life. As twilight crept in, the cedar trees lining the sidewalk glowed. Opening the door of her dingy, run-down apartment, she caught a glimpse of a pamphlet. Picking it up, she surveyed it carefully. It said ‘Oakwoods Social Service Centre’. Her eyes lit up, for the first time in weeks, when she read that they were employing teenagers, for their prestigious spring program. She was broke and depressed, but she needed happiness more than the money.

At the crack of dawn the next day, she dashed out of her apartment. The stairs creaked, but did not give way, under her weight. She made her way to the social service centre, which was a few blocks away. She was breathless by the time she got there, and took a few moments to linger outside, and survey the place. Through the glass windows, she saw hundreds of smiling faces inside- aged from 4 to 13. They had battled tough circumstances. They had lost their parents, at a very tender age. Despite the tough conditions, they had still found ways to be happy. On seeing this, she knew that she wanted to bag the opportunity, to work with such amazing kids. She stepped inside, and a kind lady led her to the Founder’s office. At the end of the hour long, gruelling interview process, she succeeded in securing the job for herself.

The first day went by like a breeze. Alfie met various children, who were from unprivileged backgrounds. They were deprived of the basic necessity Β of life- their families. One particular child, who succeeded in attracting her attention was Karen Smith, a bubbly seven year old. Karen was an orphan, and was seeking refuge at the social service centre. She was full of life and energy, enjoying every wakeful moment of her life.

As the weeks passed, Alfie succeeded in getting to know Karen better. She realised how Karen could weave magic and spread smiles, with her words. Karen taught Alfie the real meaning and value of life, and gave Alfie one thing that she lacked-HAPPINESS. With time, Alfie’s life had begun to change. She was looking at life with a fresh perspective, and optimism. She had also started working at a bookstore, and had managed to stabilise her financial condition. In order to reward Karen, Alfie used some part of her salary to buy books, toys and stationery, for Karen. The seven year old’s life had touched her heart, and she wanted her to know that she loved and valued her.

A few weeks passed. Alfie Scarcemouth had learned how to smile, and she was changing for the better.

She continued to shower her love on Karen, in small ways. Buying her candy from the local convenience store, or getting her a can of her favourite soda. One day, Alfie decided to take Karen to the beach. While Karen made sandcastles, she told Alfie her story. How she had lost her parents, when she was just two years old. She told Alfie that life was about living, loving and laughing. In spreading happiness to others, Karen had benefitted too, and had become a happier person, at the end of the process.

Alfie realised that she was happy too. In making Karen happy and doing small acts of kindness, she was inching towards her personal goals-‘happiness’ and ‘satisfaction’. A few hours later, they decided that it was time to go. Alfie hailed a taxi, and helped Karen to get inside. Alfie looked out of the window, and saw glimpses of the palms, as the taxi sped by.

As they neared Oakwoods, Alfie realised, that the next day would be her last day, working there.

Karen got off, and waved to Alfie. Alfie smiled. She beamed with pleasure. Tears of joy clouded her eyes. She wore her sunglasses, rolled down her window, and smiled through her tears. She had realised the true meaning of life. In spreading happiness to Karen, she had nurtured her own soul. Just then, she heard the faint song playing on the radio. ‘What goes around, comes around…’

Her heart sang with joy, she left her sad past behind and they wind brushed past her.

She was finally happy.




19 thoughts on “‘Bounty Of Happiness’”

  1. Wow…… It’s so inspiring and touching with so much emotion that I’m left speechless. It’s a different take from your usual work though….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing story! It easily pulls you into reading it and I found the ending heartwarming.
    I’m looking forwards to reading more of your works!!!


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